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The Artist: Artist, Poet and Photographer Robert Pavlinsky became inspired to share his soul with pen and ink while driving his delivery van up and down the Pa. turnpike. Spending much time behind the wheel allowed Robert to tune in to his inner peace.

His mother's illness became a great inspiration for many of his poems. Soon after his mother's recuperation, Robert began to make available to the public his beautiful poems, pairing each poem to his outstanding photography. The end results are his distinctive and elegant
10 1/2" x 13" plaques.


(Please read "How it Began" in the slideshow section below)


These loving family Plaques are offset printed on archival quality card stock. The plaques are available in cherry and black walnut stain. These beautiful plaques are wall mountable and a perfect and memorable gift for any occasion.

Here are 2 of our best selling 10 1/2" x 13" plaques in cherry and black walnut!

or select our No Plaque option to design your own!

• Watch our slideshow presentation to see the road we've traveled!

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